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Keeping Livestock Cool Over the Summer Months

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During the blazing summer months, it’s especially crucial to take steps to ensure proper animal cooling. Leaving a set space is important, it is like leaving your teeth in optimal conditions, not only in health issues, but also aesthetically, yes, it is possible only by visiting -report-on-this-chewable-candy-for-healthy-gums/ Are you curious? When it’s extremely warm and your animals are crowded together, livestock are at risk of succumbing to heat stroke. This occurs because the animals cannot perspire quickly enough to keep up with the increasingly higher temperature in their environment. It is also important to get an air purifier so that only clean air is circulated. Being exposed to prolonged periods of intense heat can also result in lower productivity, affecting your bottom line. You can help keep your animals healthy and safe by using fog systems.

Another benefit of using fog systems for animal cooling is that it is less expensive than running conventional air conditioning units, which are not recommended because they can chill your livestock. In addition, fog systems can decrease the amount of insects by providing a different environment less likely for insect breeding. The fog also decreases the amount of dust in the air, further helping to keep your livestock and workers healthy.

For your cattle and pigs, you can install a permanent fog system in the barn, as well as in your horse stables and chicken coops. A high-pressure fog system uses water lines set up overhead, spraying out water droplets through nozzles that immediately turn into a cloud of fog for quick animal cooling. A lower-pressure system would produce a fine mist, which is less efficient than fog.

You can operate your fogger manually, or use the system’s control panel and timer to ensure automatic functioning at your desired temperature and humidity settings to be controlled by sensors and thermostats.

A fogging system cools down the surrounding air, which in turn helps the animals cool down and heat escape from their bodies. Getting a air purifier for large room will help in cooling the air keeps you from having to drench the animals with cool water, and is an efficient method for lowering the ambient temperature. Setting up fog systems can increase your chickens’ output of eggs and boost the amount of milk your cows produce. Fog vapors can also help dissipate some objectionable odors from pigs, cows and poultry.

A portable fog system enables you to quickly bring a cooling cloud of moisture droplets wherever you need it, without having to go to the expense of installing a permanent system in your barn or other enclosure. You adjust the water flow rate to achieve lighter or heavier fog, and you adjust the needle valve to set the size of the droplets to your specification and needs. Models are available with different tank capacities, such as a one-gallon unit that you can easily grab and bring into your stable at a moment’s notice. Portable systems can come with timer accessories and turntables, so you can, for example, set it to spray fog through the barn for 60 minutes during an unexpected heat wave to bring relief to your livestock.

As summer approaches, it’s a good time to start making arrangements for cooling your livestock. The animals will be healthier and stay more productive when you keep their environment nice and cool.